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Top Five

Some of My Favorite Books

The Jane Austin Society by Natalie Jenner

Unlikely characters with one goal to bring them together: save the estate where Austin wrote her last three books. Well-written, seamlessly plotted, The Jane Austin Society is a gem of a novel that would have made Jane Austin proud. I applaud debut author Natalie Jenner and look forward to her next endeavor.

No Bad Deed by Heather Chavez

I had to read this book twice because I could barely breathe the first time I read it. I needed the story to slow down. So I could breathe. Even after I knew the ending, I flew through this book the second time, thankfully picking up a few choice bits I'd missed the first time around. Not that the story's too fast. It's just the right speed of fast that gets your heart racing and your emotions flailing. No Bad Deed is Heather Chavez's debut, yet you will swear she's been writing high-voltage tension her entire life. Her characters are well-developed, her plots and twists and turns will keep you flipping through the pages until you reach the very end. I loved this book!

A Promise of Fireflies by Susan Haught

Poetry and prose are a delightful combination, and that's what you get when you read A Promise of Fireflies. Ryleigh loses her mother and husband in short order, and just to add salt to her would, her adult soon will also soon move on, which leaves Ryleigh alone, lonely, and down. Putting her mother's affairs in order does help take up her time, but soon she finds herself caught up in secrets that, once uncovered, make her realize how little she knew the woman who raised her. And there's more, much more. Old secrets, new love. A stranger who I would easily consider not of this world... Susan Haught is new to me. I know; I don't know how I'd never discovered her. But I know her now, and I won't be happy until I've read all of her books.

Skinny-Dipping by Claire Matturro

Skinny-Dipping is the first in the series, and when I’m reading a new-to-me author, I always start with the first. What I loved most was the snarkiness of protagonist Lilly Rose Cleary compounded with her compassion that managed to slither out whether she wanted it to or not. Also, she was exceptionally bright and dedicated to her job, yet smart enough to know that someday she’d move on. A fast read, this story will keep you entertained with characters that are either laugh-out-loud funny or very, very flawed. Now I’m off to read the next in this fun series.

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