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 Book Clubs

I love book clubs. Contact Me here.

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* see discussion questions below
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Five Bottle Book Club

September 8, 2021


November 2, 2022

Christine's Book Club
October 19, 2022

Linda's Book Club

August 22, 2021

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Indian Creek Book Club

September 3, 2020


July 31, 2023

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Central PA Book Club

September 14, 2023

Walden Book Club

October 2020

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My Secret to Keep Book Club Questions

1. Why were Maggie’s parents so unwilling to help her?

2. Would Maggie need to guard her secrets so closely in today’s world?

3. Why did Maggie name her baby? Why did she visit her grave? How did Maggie    feel when she discovered what really happened to Grace?

4. Imagine yourself a resident of small-town Intercourse. How would you react to     a  girl like Maggie in the early 1950’s? What about today?

5. Is there one thought you came away with after reading My Secret to Keep?

6. What was your reaction to the final words of My Secret to Keep?

7. After reading My Secret to Keep, did you research the Beagle Freedom Project?


My Secret to Keep is the prequel to Nowhere Near Goodbye. Have you read it?

Book Club Questions For Nowhere Near Goodbye


  1. In today’s #MeToo climate, how might Emma have reacted to Ned’s request for her to “do something” about her pregnancy?

  2.  If Kate had somehow lived, would Emma still have had to deal with career vs. family?

  3. Should Emma have told Tim about her middle-of-the-night time with Ali? Would it have helped their relationship?

  4. Was Ned’s attitude about ‘sometimes sacrifices must be made’ critical to the story? Why? Or Why not?

  5. If Emma had learned Ned’s secret earlier in her life, would that have changed her future?

  6. Should Emma have explained to Ali why she was away from home so much?

  7. Should she have told Ali of her friendship with Kate?

  8. Many readers have asked where life will take Emma, Tim, and Ali when they finish reading Nowhere Near Goodbye. What do you see happening?

  9. As Kate looks down from heaven, what would be her reaction to Emma finding the cure for GBM?

  10.  In the book, a successful procedure for GBM has been developed. What do you think Emma feels when she realizes what she has done?

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