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Womens Fiction Day June 8 2022.jpg

What is Women’s Fiction Day?

Women’s Fiction Day was established by WFWA in 2019 to celebrate the authors, stories, readers, bookstores, and fans of the women’s fiction genre.

And if you need a reminder about what Women's Fiction is, here you go:

Our stories may include romance, or they may not. They can be contemporary or historical and have magical, mystery, thriller, or other elements. Whereas the driving force of a romance novel is a love story, a mystery's is the exposure of an event, a thriller's is a fear-inducing chase or escape, etc., the driving force of women's fiction is the protagonist's journey toward a more fulfilled self. 

                   I promised a giveaway: 

Complete the Contact Me Form telling me the title of your favorite Women's Fiction book and I will enter you into a contest to win a signed copy of Nowhere Near Goodbye.


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